As Nigerian citizens continue to wail over the constant increase in the price of cement, and other building materials, which has in turn made many Nigerians lose hope of becoming homeowners, experts in the housing and construction industry have also not been silent.

Speaking on the recent hike in cement price, the Executive Director of the Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN), Festus Adebayo, a non-governmental organization in the Nigerian housing and construction industry has called out the Tinubu-led administration for the rise in the cost of cement, iron-rods among other building materials. He noted that “it is sad and unpardonable that the costs of cement and iron rods” are putting affordable housing out of the reach of low-cadre Nigerians.

According to Adebayo, the price of cement increased from N6,500 to N7,500 –effectively putting affordable housing out of the reach of struggling Nigerians.

HDAN has been in the business of advocating for affordable housing materials, low-cost construction projects, CBN housing intervention loans, mortgage financing, renewable energy, environmental protection, as well as C-of-O in the FCT among other real estate issues.

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Adebayo also revealed that Nigerians are still looking forward to President Bola Tinubu’s fulfillment of the mortgage and credit system he promised during his campaign for office. He stressed that without clear governmental interventions, “there is no hope for the common man to own a decent home in the country.” Additionally, he noted that even corporate home-builders will encounter more challenges in the housing industry.

Adebayo asserted that the rising rate of crimes and violence in Nigeria is closely linked to the harsh economic conditions under the Tinubu administration. He argued that many struggling Nigerians are compelled to engage in condemnable illegal activities to survive, leading to escalating insecurity, widespread fraud, and other criminal acts. He urged the federal government to ensure that housing development is accessible to all citizens regardless of their income levels.

Culled from: Housing TV Africa