For smart and discerning individuals, firms, institutions and multinationals looking for where to invest, the promoter, African International Housing Show (AIHS), Mr Festus Adebayo, has reeled out 10 cogent reasons for them to invest on African continent.

He urged them to consider rapid urbanisation, flexible policies, building technologies, relative political stability, availability of raw materials, consumers increased demand, innovative thinking to lower costs of cement, and unsaturated markets in Africa, among others.

Adebayo, who doubles as the Executive Director, Housing Development Advocacy Network (HDAN), said the continent is rapidly urbanising, adding that this can lead the world’s urban growth in the coming decades.

He said: “Globally, cities are major drivers of economic growth, and the quality and location of housing has long term consequences for inclusive growth. As African urbanisation continues, investment in formal housing must keep up with increasing housing needs.

With many African countries recovering from the global pandemic, the continent is ripe for investments. This is why you should take advantage of the investment opportunities the Africa International Housing Show will be presenting this year as stakeholders from all over the world gather for the 18th edition from 22nd to 27th July, 2024 at the National Stadium Abuja Nigeria.

He pointed out that Africa is blessed with raw materials and natural resources for investors to tap.

“Africa has also been described as the fastest-growing continent for foreign direct investment, ideal for investors. With raw materials like uranium, diamonds, petroleum, iron, and gold in Africa, investors can benefit from it.


“Ensuring the affordability of cement is a good starting point for African builders. More cement makers are gradually starting operations for the domestic market. Local materials naturally lend themselves to the living requirements of the African environments from which they come.

“Hence, imaginative thinking can lower the cost of materials and this is a part of what the Africa International Housing Show seeks to achieve at the event this year with the engagement of private sector and government policy makers and investors from different parts of the world,» he said.

In light of the steady inflow of foreign direct investment into the continent, Adebayo told investors that African governments have been making flexible policies to encourage more inflows.

Besides, he pointed out that the poor Infrastructure in Africa also presented opportunities for investors.

He said that the Investors will benefit from the region with inadequate power supply, poor roads, and undependable airports, noting that they can do this by leveraging private and public partnerships in poor infrastructural areas.

He explained that the housing finance conference and real estate’s CEOs forum during the Africa International Housing Show, will be advocating action in the policy including construction technology, housing finance, land and infrastructure, building materials, labour management, housing allocation, monitoring and review.

He said: AIHS 2024 presents the platform for businesses and investors through its B2B meeting, an opportunity you do not want to miss to invest in Africa.

“Investors can leverage the relative political stability in Africa to make fortunes. While many African countries need to improve their political leadership and create an enabling environment for investors to thrive, the region indeed remains a hotspot for investments.”

He added that AIHS 2024 theme: Housing For All – Financing The Housing We Need, would be a door opener for investors to leverage on the relative political stability.

“Swift urbanisation across Africa has led to a rise in housing and construction activities and due to the escalating disposable income, renovation activities have surged greatly, thus inviting positive growth for the housing and construction market. Africa has renowned developers with credibility from innovative and new building technologies to urban master plans, making the continent ideal for a wise and strategic investor.

Nigerian Tribune