An Estate Developer in Akure, Medaville Construction Company Limited has raised concerns over reported incidents of intrusion and halting of ongoing construction work at the Federal Government Housing Estate in Alagbaka, Akure, allegedly by security personnel.

In a protest, letter addressed to the Federal Ministry of Housing and Security Agencies, as well as the Director of the Department of State Services (DSS), Barrister Femi Emodamori, representing the developer, described the intrusion into the federally-owned Medaville estate project as unacceptable and potentially endangering the lives of workers.

Emodamori elaborated that the Federal Government had allocated the land opposite the Ondo State Police Command Headquarters to the developer in 2009 for the construction of a housing estate under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement. This initiative aims to provide affordable housing for middle and low-income earners.

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Nonetheless, the lawyer conveyed disappointment regarding the recent conduct of security personnel, who purportedly asserted ownership of sections of the land acquired from government officials. He referenced ongoing legal disputes between the developer and individuals who previously sought to claim the land.

Emodamori stressed the importance of promptly investigating the matter to avert potential crises and guarantee the safety of workers, reiterating the developer’s dedication to lawful development endeavors.

This incident underscores the hurdles encountered by developers in addressing land disputes and unauthorized encroachments, underscoring the imperative for prompt and resolute measures to uphold legal principles and safeguard legitimate development ventures.

Source: Housing Tv Africa