African Americans have played a significant role in challenging and disrupting income inequality. They have been at the forefront of advocating for equal rights, economic opportunities, and social justice. Hence, the reason The Regal Initiative was created.

The Regal Initiative is a program of Invest Afrika designed to facilitate African American investment in Africa. The program was developed in collaboration with the Cameroon Ambassador to the United States during the 2023 State Action Council of the National Conference of African American Thought Leaders held annually during the Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Week in Washington, DC.

African Americans have historically faced systemic barriers that contribute to income inequality. However, they have also been at the forefront of social movements, advocating for change and pushing for economic empowerment.

Through entrepreneurship, education, and activism, African Americans have made significant strides in bridging the income gap. Their resilience, creativity, and determination have been instrumental in challenging the status quo and promoting a more equitable society. It’s inspiring to see how African Americans continue to be disruptors in the fight against income inequality.

Along with seeking African American investment in Infrastructure, agribusiness and mining, the principles at Invest Afrika seek to facilitate the creation of a “rapid trade corridor” that runs from Cameroon to Ghana with Lagos, Nigeria at its centre.

The founder of Utility Services of America, KB Stallworth was in Lagos to discuss the initiative and to celebrate the success of a collaboration with Goddy Otagba on hotel acquisitions and developments in Nigeria.

Partnerships and collective action are crucial in addressing income inequality including dispelling the myth that Africans don’t like African Americans and that African Americans have no interest in investing in Africa.

African Americans can continue to make a difference by joining forces with organizations, community leaders, and allies who are committed to economic justice and Growth, by working together, they can advocate for policies that promote equal opportunities, access to quality education, and fair employment practices.

Additionally, fostering entrepreneurship and supporting black-owned businesses can contribute to economic empowerment within the community. It is important to amplify our voices, support each other, and continue the fight for economic equality. Together, we can make a lasting impact!

Stallworth insists that enhancing road networks, building and maintaining highways, and improving public transportation systems can facilitate the movement of goods and people, boosting trade and connectivity within the country.

Stallworth believes the need to provide adequate resources for health care providers to be able to render quality services for lesser cost cannot be overemphasized.

According to Stallworth, there are ways to create a Healthcare System that is affordable and accessible. Treatment for chronic illnesses can be very expensive and they are, but they’re only expensive if you’re not planning your community development.

According to Stallworth, building houses for low income Families should be considered to improve the standard of living. In the words of Chairman KB Stallworth, “Let us find resources for quality affordable housing because if people live better, they can work harder. Some people don’t mind working, they want quality accommodation to relax and have a decent life so I think the real estate opportunities are significant but the challenge is going to be obtaining the kind of pricing on land that provides an attractive return on investment for planned low income housing developments that include a primary care clinic and day care.

Addressing the issue of inadequate power supply by investing in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity can create a more reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure.

Stallworth suggests alternative means to provide electricity using wind and solar as opposed to Nigeria’s over-dependence on the National grid. If effectively utilized, this would stimulate industrial growth, attract businesses, and improve the quality of life for Nigerians and Africa in general.

On telecommunications, Stallworth believes expanding and improving the
telecommunications infrastructure, including internet connectivity and mobile networks, can enhance communication, promote digital inclusion, and support the growth of various sectors, such as e-commerce and technology.

According to Stallworth, buying the master’s plantation is not the goal but killing White Supremacy and its vestiges of colonialism that prevent the creation of a unified African- African American commerce and industry infrastructure that is independent and self-sustaining. Colonialism created a class structure that was based on White Supremacy and that now breeds greed and corruption.

The Black man must be focused and unified in ending all vestiges of White supremacy and colonialism not out of hatred of the European, but out of love for Black people and Mother Africa.The world will be better as the result of a “developed Africa” , and African American led investment is critical to that effort to make Africans and African Americans stand tall.