German Ambassador to Nigeria, Annett Gunther, has projected that renewable energy can create over 112 million jobs by 2030.

She said this in Abuja at a reception organised by the Federal Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology for a German delegation on green hydrogen, recently.

She highlighted that the sector had already generated employment opportunities for at least 390,000 individuals in Germany.

Gunther declared, “The hydrogen industry is growing, stimulating economic growth and creating jobs.

“Hydrogen does not only seek to meet the climate change goals but also seeks to feed the population in this part of the world.

“We are on the same page in this partnership on hydrogen and it will be in the interest of both countries.”

The German Government was in partnership with Nigeria to combat climate change and related issues in the country, the German ambassador said.

She added that the perennial floods in parts of Nigeria are a global challenge, aggravated by the climate change phenomenon.

She noted that all hands must be on deck to tackle the root causes of climate issues, adding that decarbonisation and zero emissions would help to solve the problem not only in Nigeria but globally.

The ambassador added that Nigeria had an ambitious goal in its energy transition plan, developed under the previous administration to ensure zero emissions until 2060, adding that, if properly implemented, it could be impactful.

She revealed, “In our cooperation talks, we are interested in how to help Nigeria achieve that goal.

“We, therefore, have opened a hydrogen diplomacy office called the German-Nigerian hydrogen diplomacy office where experts organise meetings, conferences, and discussions and bring together stakeholders in the area of renewable energies and particularly on hydrogen.

“Even though gas is currently the primary source of energy and power, we have to chart the way forward. We need to have these discussions to reach our climate goals earlier or as soon as possible.”