The Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN) has pledged to collaborate with the federal government to provide affordable housing and improve the lives of Nigerians, according to a statement made during the investiture ceremony of its fifth president in Lagos recently.

In his address, the fifth President and Chairman of Council, REDAN, Prince Akintoye Adeoye said REDAN will partner with the government on its renewed hope housing initiative to provide affordable homes for Nigerians.

Adeoye who took over the mantle of leadership of the association in February 2024, said: “Our founders envisioned providing affordable housing for Nigerians, including social and rental housing. “REDAN will partner with the government on its renewed hope housing initiative to provide affordable homes for Nigerians.

“The association will lead the charge in transforming the Nigerian real estate landscape, fostering sustainable growth, productivity and improving the lives of our citizens,” he said.

While unveiling his 10 point-agenda, he said his vision is centered around advocacy and industry advancement, partnerships and collaborations, inclusivity and diverse membership among others.


According to him, “On the advocacy and industry advancement, we will be promoting positive change and advancement within the real estate industry, ensuring that it thrives through advocacy, transparency, technology, ethics, credibility and discipline.

“On partnerships and collaborations, we establish robust partnerships with the public and private sectors and NGOs and International bodies.

“Collaborate with Federal and State governments on critical issues such as land reforms, governance, and land administration, fostering a conducive environment for investments.

“On inclusivity and diverse membership, we will open REDAN to a diverse range of stakeholders, including real estate development companies, Proptech startups, states and national housing associations, academia, professionals in the building and construction of industries, realtors, fiaspora communities, faith-based developers among others.”

Speaking on his vision for digital infrastructure and innovation, he said the association will leverage digital infrastructure for efficient service delivery within the industry.

According to him, “We will develop a chatbot that will make it easy for members to get the latest industry and market information.

“REDAN will also collaborate and support its members in building capacity and facilitating digital infrastructure and innovation for their businesses,” Adeoye pledged among others.