Over 500 illegal structures at the well-known Karmo market in the territory are being demolished by the FCT Department of Development Control.

According to Tpl Garba Jibrin, assistant director of sector monitor in the Department of Development Control, the administration chose to demolish the market since it has caused several bottlenecks in the area since Abuja’s inception. However, some of the victims say,  they did not receive sufficient notification beforehand.

According to Mallam Suleiman Audu, the exercise is just another means of tormenting common Nigerians who are just trying to survive.
He issued a warning, saying that many young people who make their living by hawking or selling goods at the market may be pressured to commit crimes, which they say they are attempting to solve.

However, Tpl Garba Jibrin, assistant director of sector monitor in the Department of Development Control, blamed FCTA’s decision on the severe traffic jam on the Karmo route, which has made it exceedingly difficult for drivers and locals to use the road on a regular basis.

Therefore, the minister advised us to clear all of the route’s obstacles in order to widen the road and make it easier for Abuja residents to travel. The unofficial business activity along the road contributes to it in part. It is a well-known fact that during market days, everyone who want to pass by here takes hours to do so.

“So, the FCTA is concerned about the health and safety of every resident. There is a market that is opened, and fully built and waiting for the traders to come and occupy it.

“So, based on that, we have settled this problem here, that they should move away from here and relocate to the new market that has been built for them to occupy,” he said.

Secretary, Command and Control Centre, FCTA, Dr Peter Olumuji, said Karmo community had been a settlement that was unplanned, adding that lots of illegalities have been going on in the area.

“If you look at the road corridor that leads from Gwagwa through Karmo to Kado, which has the Karmo main market here, we have a lot of shanties and unplanned settlements that people hibernate.

“These people during the night time go into all types of crime; even those who ply these routes are not safe from their nefarious activities. What we have come to do here in conjunction with the development control by clearing this place, is going to reduce the crime rate within this axis.’’