The Council of Registered Builders of Nigeria (CORBON) has launched the CORBON Diaspora Network (CDN), a new platform aimed at supporting and connecting Registered Builders residing outside Nigeria.

The initiative was inaugurated on Wednesday, May 15, 2024, by CORBON Council Chairman, Bldr. Samson Ameh Opaluwah, fniob.

In his inauguration speech, Opaluwah highlighted the historic significance of the CDN for the profession. He expressed gratitude to the members for partnering with the Council and emphasized the importance of establishing a communication channel between the CDN and CORBON.

This will help promote the development of the profession in line with the Builders (Registration, etc.) Act CAP B13 LFN 2004, and assist CORBON in forming strong international partnerships.

Protem coordinator, Bldr. Prof. A.O. Windapo, along with other CDN members, commended the Council’s continuous efforts to ensure that Registered Builders gain recognition and maintain strong global connections. They assured the Council of their readiness to fulfill their responsibilities.

The virtual inauguration ceremony was attended by several dignitaries who offered goodwill messages and praised the vision of the 7th Council. Attendees included the Registrar & Secretary to Council, Bldr. Adetunji Adeniran, fniob, mni; Council members Bldr. Kennedy Aimiuwu, Bldr. Alhassan Marke, and Bldr. Wannang – FMHUD; Past President of NIOB, Bldr. Kenneth N. Nduka; President of NIOB, Bldr. Sir Alderton Ewa Ewa; and Chairman of the Association of Builders in Academia, Bldr. Prof. A.A. Raheem. Diaspora Network members from South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America, including both academics and practitioners in the building industry, also attended the event.