A one-day seminar organised by Alcazar Roselin Concept (ARC) in Abuja, attended by young professionals has the gains of affordable and sustainable housing solutions, particularly in a developing country like Nigeria.

The “Tiny Homes Seminar” had the theme: Addressing the Housing Crisis for Nigerian Youths.

The seminar focused on the introduction of the concept of tiny homes and sustainable living, especially among the youth population to embrace a simple lifestyle.

The founder, Miss Judith Chemeke, said at her opening address that investing in the tiny home market in Nigeria could have a significant impact on the lives of millions of Nigerians, by the potential for the tiny home market to stimulate economic growth, particularly for those who cannot afford traditional housing options.

“With a large population of over 200 million, Nigeria faces the challenge of providing affordable housing for its citizens, particularly in urban areas, where a large percentage of the population resides. Tiny homes offer an attractive solution, as they are affordable, energy-efficient, and can be built using locally-sourced materials,” she said.

A high level panel discussion followed, focusing on all aspects of real estate from land acquisition, building, interior design and decoration and sustainability of homes.

The event was moderated by Miss Aisha Bello, a anchor with The Weekend Show on AIT. Keynote address was by Miss Freda Anegbe, CEO of Pentos Interiors, Architect Nonso Obioma, Mr. Peter Ikponmwosa Agbontan, Mr. Ismail Yakubu Bello,Q S. and Miss Tsakute Ladi Jonah aka Sasky

Miss Freda Anegbe spoke about the exploration of sustainable living within the confines of small interior spaces, whilst addressing the housing challenges faced by young Nigerians.
She said she Loves to talk about the significance of sustainable living, recognizing its potential to mitigate adverse environmental effects while enhancing the health and wealth of occupants.

Founder, Alcazar Roselin Concept, Miss Judith Chemeke, said the tiny home market in Nigeria presents an opportunity for investment in affordable and sustainable housing solutions.