The Managing Director and Chief Executive of the Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Oyetunde Ojo, has recently called for a collaboration between the Federal Housing Authority and the Nigerian military for the provision of proper and adequate housing for military personnel.

Hon Ojo who made this presentation when he paid a courtesy visit to the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. C G Musa in his office, also used the opportunity to condole the CGS over the sad incident in Delta State that took the lives of some soldiers.

Addressing Gen Musa, the MD noted the vital role and sacrifices the military is making in protecting both the external and internal Integrity of the country. He told the CGS that the main purpose of the visit was to work for the provision of quality and affordable houses for the personnel of the Armed Forces in view of the crucial role and sacrifices they make.

In his words, the MD said; “we deem it fit that with what your men and women of the Nigeria Armed Forces are doing in this country, you deserve more than just having shelter, you deserve having affordable shelter, you deserve giving qualitative shelter “

The MD noted that the morale of the men would be boosted once they are aware that their families are protected in case of injuries casualties or retirement by having roofs over their heads. This he said is the reason why the Authority has come to seek partnership with the Armed Forces for off-takers.

Hon Ojo stressed the need for profiled off-takers because the houses to be built are targeted at individuals. ” as we start building, we are not going to give that animals and goats, we are going to give it to human beings like you and I, Sir the said. That is why we have decided that our port of call in terms of off-takers of this administration will be the Nigeria Armed Forces because of the critical role you are playing”

Hon Ojo informed the CGS of the various house types and delivery models that the Authority has adopted to satisfy all Cadre and strata of Nigerians. He noted such models as carcas; where the exterior, electrical, and plumbing would be done, one Bedroom and Studio formats would be targeted at junior and younger officers, while the senior officers could go for the finished ones.

In his response, the CGS, Gen CG Musa, acknowledged the importance of Housing for men of the Armed Forces because of the mobile nature of their job especially during their retirement.

He appreciated the cost-effective approach of management and called for emphasis to be laid on quality in the case of Mass Housing. He also expressed interest in the building of comprehensive estates that would have such facilities as hospitals and recreational areas where the personnel can train and dissipate energy.

The Army chief said the military Engineers would have to liaise with FHA in materializing this laudable initiative.

The Chief of Logistics in his submission welcomed the initiative as an opportunity the military has been looking up to. He acknowledged the existence of other government schemes which he said are difficult for the personnel to access.

He therefore called to know how soon the scheme would take off. He also wanted to know the various payment modes and the availability of mortgage facilities. Finally, he sought to know the possibility of building a military cluster for the personnel in FHA estates.