With tailored architecture, unique style, unique taste and unique way of defining luxury associated with people from the Eastern part of Nigeria, Esso Properties is developing its Awele Residential, believing that those features will appeal to home buyers from that part of the country.

Smith Ezenagu, the Esso Properties MD/CEO, who disclosed this in an interview in Lagos, added that what the company wants to achieve in Awele Residential is a perfect blend of modern luxury and culture.

“It is a very unique concept and the first of its kind in Nigeria. Anambra State is a take-off point for the Awele Residential, but it is not a project for Anambra alone. We intend to have Awele in other Eastern states, including Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo,” he said.

Continuing, he said, “I am from the eastern part of Nigeria and whenever I visit the east and look at the kind of estates we are building, I realize that much more still needs to be done. We have very few estates and even the few we have are so normal, just the house and all. So, I decided to create the kind of estate that people will travel from a distance, even the Diaspora to come and see.”

Ezenagu disclosed further that Awele is built for anybody that wants to live above average, pointing out that it is true that Easterners have a culture that celebrates work because they are the hardest workers in Africa which is why they also play hard and, according to him, Esso Properties wants to achieve a relaxing, healthy, luxury community for the upper class called the Agba Ballers.

“We accommodate those looking for affordable housing with other average properties we have in the market like Summerview Estate, etc. but Awele Residential is for the Odogwu class. Everything we are planning to build in Awele will only be made possible with the use of technology.

We have a feature called virtual inspection in Awele which enables those in the Diaspora, whether United States of America, United Kingdom or Canada, to inspect the estate in real time and tour the estate as if they are there live,” he said.

The developer said they want their brothers and sisters spread all over the world to have an estate of pride where they can buy their properties and feel safe and proud, or buy some of the buildings that will be coming up in Awele and be able to bring back their friends and colleagues from any part of the world to come and experience.

“We have three purchase cycles for Awele Residential, including Pre-launch purchase that started in February where we gave people the opportunity to purchase at almost half the price for just a few plots before the launch, and the post launch price which took effect immediately after the launch of the estate in March.