Dr. Kingsley Akadidi, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Conquerors Homes Limited, expressed concern over what he described as inconsistencies in government housing policies.

According to Akadidi: “We’re in a country where government policies on housing are not regular, but thank God for the new government. We can see some strategies and plans in place with the kind of team that this new government has.

“I believe a lot will happen in the real estate industry. One is that we cannot fold our hands and wait for things to go down.

“However, if you check trends in this country, prices of goods and services never go down whenever they rise because of the type of inflation we are experiencing here. So, the best we can do for the masses is to educate the people first on how to increase their capital, and sources of income considering that you may not live on one source of income and at the same time think of owning a house.

“So, the campaign to educate the people is going wide. When people are educated on how to increase their source of income and manage it well, they can begin to plan to invest in landed property”.

Speaking at the seventh anniversary ceremony of his organisation in Lagos, he, however, affirmed his belief in the firm to provide housing solutions to Nigerians despite irregularities in government’s housing policies.

President and Chief Executive Officer, Perfection Real Estate Group, Dr. Niyi Adeleye, likened Akadidi to a wise man who loved to seek advice and as a result became prosperous and was never lost.

More accolades came from the Managing Director, Deal Clinchers Realtors Limited, Dr. Adeyemi Adeniyi, who believes that the next seven years shall be years of harvest.

“The greatest enemy to success is past successes. So, you need to work ahead for more successes.

“You must put structures in place so that the company will be running or surviving,” he offered.

Also, Dr Basil Ibeh, Director General, Dael Institute of Leadership and an advisor to the management of Conquerors Homes Limited, urged people to stay humble because an arrogant person cannot serve.

“As you start the next seven years, some things must change” he stated, while he also commended the company for attaining seven years and admonished that the great work continues.

Also present at the occasion was MD/CEO, Sterling Homes Ltd, and general secretary, REDAN South West Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, who enjoined the team to minimise wastage and forge ahead in breaking new grounds and conquering more territories.

Source: The Sun