Identify cost effective ways to reduce energy use and carbon emissions in your housing projects.

Carbon Trust can help with all stages of your low carbon new build or retrofit housing project. We’ll help you create homes which are healthy, comfortable and affordable places to live.

Why Carbon Trust?
We are experienced working with both public and private sector clients. We work with local authorities and social landlords to upgrade their housing stock and tackle fuel poverty. We also support property developers, contractors and suppliers in their delivery of resource efficient housing and communities.

How we can help
Energy audits and surveys

Establishing baseline energy use is the first step in identifying opportunities for improving energy efficiency. We’ll analyse meter readings, energy bills, building fabric, services and occupancy patterns. We use thermographic surveys to identify heat losses and thermal bridging.

Feasibility studies
Our global experts can advise on or carry out feasibility studies and investment grade assessments on all key energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and projects.

We can carry out lifecycle costing analysis to back up the purchase of energy efficient equipment and have an impartial view of potential suppliers and sources of finance.

Design advice
We provide early stage design advice for low carbon housing projects. This covers fabric energy efficiency, thermal bridging, condensation risk, building services and controls, and guidance on renewable energy installations.

Construction stage audits
We can carry out checks during the construction period to determine whether the ‘as built’ details and quality matches the design specifications.

Post completion review and monitoring
We are experienced in assessing the energy performance of buildings in use. We analyse data on energy use, temperature and moisture, and use thermographic photography to identify heat losses and thermal bridging. We can provide advice on energy management for occupants and housing managers.