Real estate investment is the new deal with cool cash. Investing in landed properties and houses is the new trend in Nigeria presently.

The best way to make wise choices with your money is to invest in real estate.

Real estate is one way to move from poverty to wealth for financial stability. The value of real estate increases with time. It overweighs the benefit of other investments like stocks, bonds, and insurance.

You can be a real estate investor in the following ways:

1. By renting out an apartment,
2. By selling land,
3. By buying old houses and reselling them after renovations.
This article will give you reasons why you should invest in real estate. 

1. It is financially safe
Investment in landed properties is a safe financial investment. It is not affected by external factors like other investments. The value is not affected by political issues, wars, calamities, or disasters. Unlike stocks, real estate is not threatened by the economic market.

2. It requires little or no knowledge

Unlike other investment options, anyone can invest in real estate with little or no knowledge. For stocks, you might need to be experienced to understand the terms used and how the stock market works. Real estate investment is much easier. You can just go online to get basic information, do research on open and vacant homes, contact realtors, real estate agencies and get your cash flowing in steadily. 

3. Landed properties appreciate
Real estate is a very lucrative investment with a high return. Landed properties have a high increase in value. It appreciates in value a lot. Its value always increases over the years.  

There have been testimonies of investors getting land for a lower price, especially in rural areas, and after a few months or years, they sell it at a very high price. 

The longer you hold on to land, the higher the price will be sooner or later. It could also be a building.

4. It provides a stable cash flow
The returns from real estate investments provide a stable and passive income. This income can be generated in various ways,  it could be through building houses, collecting higher rental fees, or by buying off old houses at cheaper prices and selling it off at higher prices after renovation. 

With your investment in real estate, you can relax while your cash keeps flowing in. It enables you to use your time on other business if you have one.

5. It beats inflation
Real estate is one of the few investments that is not affected by inflation. Inflation is persistent rise in general prices but decrease in people’s ability to purchase goods and services. 

Real estate are not affected at all because their mortgage prices remain the same but increases due to increase in demand for rent. 

This increase is due to people’s inability to purchase a land or buildings because of the increase in the price.

6. It can be controlled
This is one of the investments that can be controlled from time to time. You can always increase the prices as you wish since it is your asset. It gives you total authority over your asset unlike shares or stocks where the shareholder dictates decisions to made for you.

7. It is an asset
Real estate properties are of great value. It can be passed down from generation to generation without the price depreciating. 

8. It is tangible
Landed properties can be seen. Your buyers get to see what they want physically. This makes it easier for people to invest in it since they can see and feel it.

9. It can be leveraged
This means borrowing money to raise capital for a business while getting high profit from the growth of the capital. 

This means you can borrow funds to get a landed property especially for rentals and then pay off with the rental fee.

You also get an advantage with lenders giving out loans since they are aware that it is a landed property.

10. It can be used multi purposely
Landed properties can be used by you in various ways. You can use it for personal sake by living it or use it for business.

Investing in real estate is a great decision to make. Hope you found this helpful?