You can only leverage on the cash flow that is generated from running a shortlet in Lagos, Commercial Real Estate investor, and Space Management expect, Emeka J. Okonkwo advises as he believes that the Real Estate industry in Nigeria is rather too concentrated on urban areas than majorly focused on reducing the housing deficit appropriately through urbanisation of other parts of the country.

DIS Spaces Limited, founded by Emeka J. Okonkwo, is one of Nigeria’s Commercial Real Estate companies with 16 commercial facilities, spanned into 5 cities and three countries. With a wide portfolio of Commercial spaces facility management services in several locations in the Lagos Metropolis, the Company provides consumers offerings between professional and traditional residential letting and breeds creativity through its functional, innovative and flexible service offerings empowered by cutting-edge technology.

Haven invested and operated the shortlet accommodation business for 8 – 9 years, Mr. Emeka has a proven track record of successfully spreading and reinvesting in more shortlets across the Lekki axis. He is currently editing and would soon release an E guide that would explain and prove with numbers how you cannot record profit but still be successful in running a shortlet as a commercial real estate investment in Nigeria.

Speaking about the role of his services, he shares, “As a hospitality-related service, we aim at delivering a work-life balance accommodation and workspace to our guests, and this is in view of why and how our facilities are purposely built. Every guest has found our facilities to be the best space for this.”