The Green Building Council of Nigeria (GBCN) has announced that it has attained membership in the World Green Building Council. GBCN’s journey started a year ago represents a significant milestone in Nigeria’s drive to deepen green buildings and urban sustainability.

GBCN’s President, Danjuma Waniko said “Membership of the World GBC grants Africa’s most populous country and the largest economy an avenue to collaborate and offer creative guidance on the peculiar needs of our environment, which boasts of over US$200 billion net worth in ongoing and upcoming projects in the real estate and construction sector. With #COP27 being hosted this year in Africa, the spotlight on efforts to address the climate crisis has turned to our continent. GBCN’s membership of the World GBC is, therefore timely. It allows us to add our voice to that of other national GBCs in the Africa Regional Network to present Africa-specific solutions to its unique climate challenges within the context of our rapidly growing cities.”

GBCN was founded in 2010 by experienced stakeholders as a nongovernmental organization and is currently led by a seven-member board of directors who continue to promote and advocate green and sustainable buildings and construction. The body’s vision is to be a catalyst for and a leader of green building practice in Nigeria towards working with the World GBC in tackling local and global challenges like climate change, environmental pollution, natural resource depletion through locally adapted solutions and standards.

GBCN believes building green is not about buzz but a part of contributing toward saving the planet and making the environment safe for the present and future generations. GBCN recognizes that man does not own but is a caretaker of the natural environment.