Nigerian leading Property Tech Startup, RentSmallSmall, has undertaken major rebranding efforts, uniting it and other products under a new company name and brand – SmallSmall Technology.

The firm was co-founded by Tunde Balogun, Naomi Olaghere and Pidah Tnadah in 2018.

The company said in the last three years, it has been providing monthly rental payments in two cities – Lagos and Abuja through its product RentSmallSmall; and is set to launch operations in five other cities including Enugu and Ondo before the end of July 2022.

It has recorded over 25,000 monthly stays across 24 locations in these cities, saved tenants over N1.4bn in agency and legal fees, and has tripled its waiting list to 70,000 people this year; challenging the traditional rental system that puts a strain on the renters with its yearly upfront payments.

The rebranding was in furtherance of their commitment to providing flexible, convenient, and quality living solutions to Nigerians, it said in a statement.

A new corporate logo, visual identity, website, mobile app were also unveiled at an event in Lagos.

In addition to its rebranding, the company also announced the launch of its new products, Buy2Let and StayOne.

The CEO and Co-Founder, Tunde Balogun, said: “We have recorded outstanding growth in the last three years, have uncovered new areas of development as we continue to serve our customers and understand the market better. SmallSmall is here to drive a better, easier, and smarter way of living.”

VP and Cofounder, Operations, Naomi Olaghere, stressed the impact of the rebranding on the company and its customers, saying, “It only gets better from here. We continue to innovate and stay creative as we think of better ways to solve the needs of our customers. We have introduced exciting features for our customers – property owners and subscribers alike; such as the wallet option, a points-based rewards system, a dashboard that enables them to stay up-to-date on all their interactions with us and so much more. It is truly an exciting time for us.”