African property markets are poised for growth despite a slowdown in various economies on the continent mainly caused by slump in commodity prices, thanks to global capital, which continues to find its way in the region.

But even as property developers and private equity funds continue to pour investment into the continent, they are focusing on various strategies which enhance their returns, says the General Manager of the upcoming Africa Property Investment Summit, Kfir Rusin.

“Over $1.2 billion has been raised and allocated to real estate investment in Africa over the past year and we expect this trend to continue” said Rusin.

The effects of the currency and liquidity crises have been sharply felt across the continent but most notably in the larger oil-driven commodity exporting countries.

This has resulted in a shift towards economic diversification and countries in the East African region providing more economic stability than others.

Chairman of Knight Franks’ Africa Business, Peter Welborn, said: “The underlying investment theme across sub-Saharan Africa, over the next decade, will be driven by substantial allocations of equity into joint ventures with successful local partners.

“Real estate and related industries have been important contributor to Africa’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in recent years and analysts say they expect the trend to continue in future years.”