A multi-faceted housing project that would deliver a mini city within the Greater Port Harcourt City in Rivers State has been unveiled. The mini-city will have five world class districts that would operate as a smart city. This project is married to Zugacoin developed by Sam Zuga, expected to dominate African and create jobs and wealth.

The PH Green City model was unveiled last weekend at the Hotel Presidential. The founders say it has huge consideration for green environment, social and economic growth.

The Chairman/CEO, Perfect Nyenwezi Wekhe, told the crowded hall that it is private sector-driven smart city project in collaboration with the aboriginal families with over 1000 hectares of land in Omerelu, Ikwerre LGA of Rivers State.

He said it is driven by Port Harcourt Green Enclave Ltd and its international partners. “The star project is the 6,000 shop international market in the commercial district, numerous agro-allied industries in the industrial district, the business district, the leisure district, and the residential district.”

It will be handled by professionals from all walks of life full of experience.”The financial model is called rental system whereby every investor earns rental up to two per cent per month for 50 months as added benefit to ownership of the property or asset in any phase of the project. This model would also operate in every city to be developed anywhere else.’

Risk management

The CEO said risk is an important factor in any business. “In real estate, the two most dreaded are title issues (ownership right) and illiquidity (difficulty to sell or exchange). Other than these two, property is the best asset.

“Our model and structure are perfect solution to these risks. Despite aboriginal families being our vendors, they are also shareholders of the Project thereby eliminating risk of superior title. Our rental system which is culminating into a ‘property exchange’ is poised to cure illiquidity in real estate.”

The audience screamed when they were told that security to be provided by one of the best in Israel with high technology and will train local successors. “You do not need to lock your doors in the PH Green City due to criminals. The city shall be under 24 hour surveillance.”

Wekhe said all members of Sam Zuga Ecosystem are potential resources for greater developments in Nigeria and Africa. “The pact between Sam Zuga Business Empire Ltd and Port Harcourt Green Enclave Ltd is a divine birth with two primary objectives: Provision of opportunity for Zuga coin holders to transact, manage their portfolios and develop/grow zuga coin; while the second leg provides opportunity provides the needed traffic for the commencement of the PH Green City and further use of Zuga coin in the city.”

He said early birds would be rewarded with rental system, five per cent discount, first to participate in apartment/city tokenization, professional advice in real estate and finance from our professional team.

Cryptocurrency vehicle

The founder of Zugacoin, a cleric and academic, Sam Zuga, said PH Green Enclave Ltd is the first South-South regional ‘special merchant’ in real estate to make this event happen and the first organization to identify with Zugacoin project with futuristic commitment and sacrifice. “Cause of poverty in Africa is the hunger for result but not in the process. We have raw materials but we import finished products. The coin is here to stay and should be reference point to others.”

He said Zugacoin is designed to create jobs and give business to those who want to start a business in all of Africa. “It is not just cryptocurrency but a tool for Africa Financial Revolution.

“Many youths will be employed across Nigeria for biometric capture. Few weeks from now, a platform would be created for people in other countries.

“Merchants are the engine of Zugacoin. Withdrawal will be open to only merchants in the first one month with weekly withdrawal limit of $200. This is to protect the price. It is subject to review from time to time. The price will always be $200 less than price of other coins around the world. He appealed for understanding from coin holders.

Source : Business Day