A comprehensive plan unveiled, last week, to reverse the growing decline in the nation’s housing stock in the Lagos area, is promising an ambitious new deal for a fresh town project within the Lekki-Epe corridor.

The scope of the scheme is massive and breathtaking, as the developer commences massive infrastructural project valued at $142 million that will turn 305 acres of land and a string of sites on the North side of the Lekki Lagoon into Nigeria’s first Wellness and Lifestyle City.

Dubbed Isimi Lagos, the eco-friendly smart city is being promoted by LandWey Investment, which unveiled its 2030 master plan for the new city at a symposium organised at the company’s headquarters.

The event, which attracted key media and industry players kicked off with a video that introduced the project, followed closely by the official signing of the infrastructure partnership between LandWey and Zenith Construction Limited, represented by its chairman, Antoine Moudaber.

“This collaboration will see the birth of numerous residential opportunities for the real estate ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond. “The first leg of infrastructural developments has been signed off with the key contractor and constructions are set to begin closely. Presently, we have about 250 citizens vested interest in the potential of the Isimi Lagos project and excited to kick-start.

“We are hopeful that this initial phase of the project will enable us commence allocations for reserved slots before the second quarter of 2023,” according to the Group Chief Executive Officer, Oxygen Holdings, parent company of LandWey Investments, Olawale Ayilara,

He said: “The value that surrounds Isimi Lagos is such that nature, functionality and technology are all encompassed in one and as part of its Vision 2030 plan, aimed at increasing family spending on recreation and also launching a handful of eco-friendly living options in the city for residents and tourists.”

The nature inspired model of Isimi not only lays the foundation for night-time economic development of Lagos metropolis but also hints at futuristic prospects of turning Nigeria into a new international destination on the continent’s tourist map,” Ayilara said.

Recent additions to cluster options are: Origin One, The Village, Green Life colony, The Emergence, all of which offers both work and living spaces emboldened with high-speed Internet and uninterrupted power to boost the efficiency of the residents and an eco-friendly transportation system such as hybrid electric vehicles and bicycles, great for an active lifestyle.

Other attractive features of the project include: conservation park, golf course, recreational centre, tech valley, Helipad, forestry, farm shop, spa, hiking paths, gym facilities and a standard polo turf with a stable that houses some of the world’s best horses, providing a state-of-the-art riding experience.

Isimi Lagos is designed as best destination for work and play as well as perfect meeting point between technology, architecture and nature; but of course, nature is the dominant factor.

The topography of the whole city will be largely retained to maintain its natural state. Buildings, roads, and other infrastructure are planned to be built around existing geological structure. Isimi Lagos offers work and living spaces that are ideal for short- and long-term use.

He said: “Isimi Lagos presents a world of options for family-oriented activities such as kayaking, picnics and outdoor play dates with its all-natural lake, which can be used for family friendly functions and recreational purposes.”

Source : Gurdian