Based on the current economic realities an investor in the Housing and Real Estate business, Mr Solomon E. Nwadiogbu, the CEO of Emilinks Limited has launched a campaign for a N10 billion discount to stabilize the sector aimed at encouraging Nigerians to access shelter despite the inflation rate.

Nwadiogbu at a press briefing sympathised with Nigerians on the inflation rate stating that it would be unwise for the Housing and Real Estate operators to insist on selling at the current market price given the low purchasing power of the majority of Nigerians gasping with increases in the price of consumables products caused by the recent scarcity of fuel.

“We must show empathy as the high cost of building materials affects housing projects. When prices are perpetually high, it’s hard to finish up any building as the funds budgeted end up becoming insufficient.

“This is one of the reasons for prolonged housing deficits. Countless buildings have been abandoned including the ones embarked upon by the government. Nigerians need about 200,000 houses annually to overcome the housing deficits.

“We can’t sell at the current market price because of the exchange rate. We have the goods, but people have low purchasing power. So there is an obvious and dire need for an intervention. Emilinks shall lead the way to ensure that N10 billion discount is made available” he said

Nwadiogbu said his company shall set aside discount on all its products; internal doors, security doors, wooden doors, fire doors, luxury doors, kitchens, and wardrobes, adding that all the products were designed in Nigeria and made in Italy with premium quality woods.

Over the years Emilink has acquired several hectares of land in Europe from which premium quality timbers are being harnessed for door manufacturing. This has significantly contributed to the company’s capacity to produce premium quality products in record time and cost effectively.

The CEO said he was ready to roll out to Nigerians 50 – 70% discount on all Emilinks Limited products for the next 30 days starting from April 4 by making all products available to customers directly from the company warehouse located in Lagos, he said.

He urged that the private sector players to begin heavy lifting in order to revamp the economy in their respective industries. “This is the essence of Emilinks intervention and promos when we lose, you gain. Meaning, what we lose when customers buy, they gain as a discount.”

“We have only chosen to lead the way in our own industry to help address the prevailing housing deficits. With this, we hope others will rightfully follow suit” Nwadiogbu said.

It would be recalled that Emilinks through #MyDoorStory campaign financially rewarded 300 Nigerians in a creative writing competition and it’s foundation fed 1000 Nigerians daily from January to October during the 2020 global pandemic. Over 1500 people received 50kg bags of rice and 5 litres of oil apart from payment of medical bills.

Source : Vanguard