Fast rising property company, Citi Buildings Real Estate Company has taken further step in the fulfillment of its vision to make the home ownership process smooth and flexible for every Nigerian with the recent allocation of it’s Citi Gardens Estate Epe to buyers.

Housing continues to be a huge problem in Nigeria due to rising population. More than 500,000 people move to the city every year, and across Nigeria, there is already a housing deficit of more than 17 million units according to the BBC. The population of Lagos is expected to double by 2050; putting even more pressure on already limited housing options.

This, combined with the high poverty level and bureaucratic bottlenecks, makes house ownership in Lagos and other environs expensive and cumbersome. Companies like Citi Buildings Real Estate and Development Ltd are bridging this gap by facilitating a smooth and solid ownership process and offering flexible payment structures.

Mr. Gbenga  Raheem  MD/CEO of Citi  Buildings, said: “We are helping to reduce the massive housing deficit in Nigeria by facilitating a smooth and convenient land and house acquisition process”.

Meanwhile, customers who acquired properties in our estates have continued to appreciate Citi Buildings for fulfilling its promise of ensuring convenient and seamless purchase immediately.

“Citi Buildings has fulfilled its promises to me. I was looking for a place to buy  for investment and Property Appreciation and l met Citi Buildings via Instagram. To my surprise, the process was smooth and fast.

“In a very short time, I got my land allocated with all documentation attached at one of their estates in Epe ” said one of the new buyers.

According to Citi Buildings Head of Admin,  Mrs. Yvonne Agbogwu, the firm is driven by an aspiration to facilitate access to decent and affordable housing, which will in turn, enhance the economic development of Nigeria.

“It is this aspiration that has propelled us to develop our estates. All our products are situated in a serene location, perfect for all those who seek comfort and peace, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre,” she affirmed.

Source : Vanguard