The bill to regulate the payment of rent on residential apartments, office spaces, among other spaces in the Federal Capital Territory, has been referred to the Senate Committee on Housing.

The bill marked 2022 (SB. 893) presented by the senator representing Kogi-West Senatorial District, Smart Adeyemi, was read for a second time.

It was presented to become an act that reduces advance payment of rented spaces from one to three years, to three months in Abuja.

The Senate on its official Facebook Page, stated, “Our economy has not fared better in supporting the advance payment.

“This tenancy system has continuously impoverished Nigerians. Many residents of FCT are finding it difficult to cope with huge rent payments, therefore legislation must be made towards a better society.

“This Bill seeks to reduce advance payment for new tenants to three months, to protect low-income earners from any form of oppression, to provide a window of legal action for any form of oppression, and a safety net for landlords against any tenant.

“This Bill is targeted at making life meaningful for people who voted all of us as lawmakers.”

The bill passed the second reading with the support of Senators Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, Niger North; Chimaroke Nnamani, Enugu East, and Ibrahim Gobir, Sokoto East.

Speaking on the issue, Senator Ibrahim Gobir said, “I rise to totally support this Bill. We have to do something for the masses of this country.

“Most of the people are salary earners and some of them their three years income cannot pay the advance payment. Even in advanced countries, rents are paid monthly, not in advance. I, therefore, support this Bill and urge my colleagues to support it.”

The Bill was eventually referred to the Committee on Housing to report back in four weeks.

Source : Punch