A real estate expert, Adebowale Adesote, has warned against the use of substandard materials to prevent the recurrence of collapsed buildings in the country.

Adesote, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Sotab Limited, spoke during a press conference in Lagos.

He urged architects, structural engineers and building contractors to carry out soil tests, use suitable foundation designs and comply with statutory building regulations to reduce cases of collapsed buildings.

He said, “In Nigeria, common law principles and practices govern and regulate contracts for designs and building works. In a design or construction contract, the fundamentals of common law agreements, parties, intentions and considerations must be in place. Many states in Nigeria have laws regulating contracts which are codified in common law principles of the land as by-laws.

“Architects, engineers and contractors must follow this fundamental common law in building to prevent a recurrence of building collapse in the country.”

Adesote added that his company was committed to providing affordable building materials and low-cost housing schemes using their expertise to create accessible and durable homes.

Source : PUNCH