Abbey Mortgage Bank recently organised a charity walk tagged, “Abbey Walk for Autism Awareness,” to promote understanding and acceptance of autism in Nigeria.

Led by Managing Director Mobolaji Adewumi, the walk began at the bank’s head office in Karimu Kotun and ended at Falomo Bridge in Ikoyi, Lagos, covering Alfred Rewane Road.

In a statement by the bank, the “Abbey Walk for Autism Awareness” commemorated autism awareness month, usually held in April, themed ‘Aligning SDGs with Autism: Empowerment, Challenges and Victories,’ to create awareness and sensitise Nigerians on the disorder to champion equal opportunities and freedom for persons with the disorder.

Adewumi noted that the bank believed not only in building dreams through mortgages and financial services but also in supporting causes that make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

He said, “Autism awareness is an issue close to our hearts, and we are proud to champion this cause and spread awareness in our community. Autism is a complex neuronal developmental disorder that affects millions worldwide and despite its prevalence, awareness, and understanding, it remains limited in many communities.

“Abbey Mortgage Bank recognises the significance of raising awareness about this important issue, understanding that education and support are crucial in improving the lives of individuals and families affected by autism.”

Abbey Mortgage Bank’s CEO emphasised the importance of understanding and supporting individuals with such disorders.

He added, “The Abbey walk was part of the bank’s 32nd-anniversary commemorations, showing Abbey Mortgage Bank’s commitment to not only facilitating dreams through financial solutions but also supporting and spreading awareness for important causes.

“As the bank continues to grow over the years, it remains dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of individuals and communities, while championing causes that matter.”