Women working in the construction industry have expressed dismay over what they see as systemic gender bias in the hiring and advancement of female graduates, leading to unfair chances.

At a seminar hosted by ARE-SURE in Zaria,  Director of the Physical Planning Development Unit at the Federal University of Technology Minna, Mrs. Aishat Mohammed, revealed this information.

She highlighted the disparities women face compared to their male counterparts in the construction sector. The conference, jointly hosted by ABU Zaria and Northumbria University UK, with support from the British Council, served as a platform to address these concerns.

Mrs Aishat lamented that, stereotypes and societal expectations regarding gender roles often discourage women graduates from pursuing non-traditional career paths or assuming leadership roles in construction. She noted that as primary caregivers in the home, women are sometimes discouraged from venturing into the construction profession.

In response, she urged women to explore more opportunities in construction-related careers and capitalize on the provisions of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, which advocates for gender equality.

Prof. Kulomri-Jipato Adogbo, the convener of the workshop, said its objective of promoting gender equality and encouraging women to practice their professions was based on the fact that despite the potential of many women who study disciplines such as architecture, quantity surveying, and building, a significant number do not practice in their fields.