The Lagos State Government has announced an amnesty window for property owners to obtain or perfect their planning permits on completed buildings between May 2 and July 30, 2024.

This initiative aims to allow property owners and developers of existing (completed) developments without approvals to obtain their planning permits, also known as building plan approvals, without payment of statutory penalties.

Engr. Oluwole Sotire, the Permanent Secretary of the Office of Physical Planning, disclosed this in a statement on Monday, April 15, 2024. He explained that the amnesty window will be a three-month suspension of penalties.

To participate, applicants must submit their documents for assessment through the District Offices of the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) or the Electronic Planning Permit (EPP) office at the LASPPPA headquarters.

Required documents include title documents or proof of ownership, survey plans, as-built architectural drawings, and structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings. Other documents such as a non-destructive integrity test report, a letter of structural stability and indemnity, a land use planning analysis report, evidence of tax compliance, and other supporting documents are also required.

The amnesty programme aims to provide relief to property owners amidst current economic challenges and offers an additional five percent discount on payments completed within ten working days during the amnesty period.

Sanwo-Olu had previously urged property owners to take advantage of the amnesty window to avoid the marking of buildings without approval for demolition after the amnesty period.