The Lagos State Government has commenced the audition of buildings to ascertain their conformation to the state’s development plan.

The General Manager of Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA), Kehinde Osinaike, disclosed this during a meeting with real estate developers in Lagos recently.

He decried the illegal change of use of existing buildings in various parts of the state with approval from LASPPPA.

He said, “The commencement of a state-wide audit of existing buildings in the state to confirm their conformity to the State’s Development Plan has begun.

“It is a gross violation for property owners to unilaterally change the use of an existing building without recourse to LASPPPA, which is the sole government agency that is statutorily empowered to regularise change of use.”

He noted that builders must obtain a planning permit before getting a Letter of Authorisation to commence construction, saying it was against the Lagos State Urban Regional Development Law.

He declared, “Intensive enforcement activities in the previous year have revealed that many property owners/real estate developers had gone on to commence construction based on the possession of a green sticker and/or a letter of Authorisation, without first obtaining a planning permit from the agency.

Advising property owners and real estate developers, the LASPPPA general manager told them to take the issue seriously to avoid sanctions as prescribed by the state planning laws.

He averred, “This is a breach of Section 27, Sub-Section 1 of the Lagos State Planning Permit Regulations, 2019 as amended. It is mandatory to have a planning permit before proceeding to Lagos the State Building Control Agency for Letter of Authorisation to commence construction, in line with relevant sections of the laws.

“The operations of the Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning Development Law 2019, as amended, are vested in the Office of the Commissioner, Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development.”

The LASPPA boss reiterated the importance of obtaining permits before commencing construction, stating that it was essential for proper urban planning and development control in the state, which would lead to a more organised and sustainable built environment.

He noted, “Stakeholders in the built environment should contact LASPPPA’s Head Office or any of the 57 district offices situated around the state for a change of use consideration and subsequent approval if possible.”

Source: Punch