Experts have acknowledged the pivotal role real estate plays in wealth creation, sustainability and home ownership.

They also emphasised the need to invest in land as the bedrock of wealth, store of value, and cornerstone of security against misfortune.

They spoke at a one-day real estate conference organised by Affable Homes Ltd, themed: “Becoming Wealthy Through Real Estate,” which was aimed at bridging the gap between landlords and tenants.

Group Managing Director, Affable Homes Ltd., Chidinma Nwaka, who spoke on “Land Ownership with Ease,” said land is an asset that retains value and boasts of the highest investment appreciation value.

She stressed on the need for Nigerians to invest in real estate and own land to counter factors such as population growth, urbanisation, long-term appreciation, and protection against inflation.

Real estate entrepreneur, Debo Adejana, emphasised the need for investors to understand their investments, possess proper legal documentation, and consider international investments for multiple interests.

Sales Coach, Emmanuel Ejike, said: “Creating wealth is vital, but to multiply it, wealth must be sustained.”

Real Estate Attorney, Ifeoma Madu, outlined the risks in real estate investment management, with a focus on market, liquidity, credit and financing, as well as operational risks.

Source: The Guardian