The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development has expressed its unwavering dedication to ensuring transparency and accountability in financial governance, in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Fiscal Responsibility Act.

Arc Ahmed Musa Dangiwa, Minister of Housing and Urban Development, made this disclosure when he received the Chairman of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Bar Victor Muruako, and his team on a visit to the Ministry.

The Minister noted that the responsible management of finances within the Ministry was not an option but a fundamental obligation to Nigerians.

“Every decision that we make, every resource that we allocate, carries the weight of public trust and expectation. Therefore, instilling fiscal responsibility is indeed an ethical imperative and a commitment to transparent and accountable governance,” he said.

“For me, fiscal responsibility is not just merely a concept; it is a cornerstone that should shape our decisions, policies, and strategies, ensuring the judicious management of the Ministry’s resources so that we can give Nigerians value for money as we conceive, develop, and implement our affordable housing and urban development plans,” he further stated.

Dangiwa commended the commission’s dedication to providing an institutional framework for ensuring efficient resource allocation, and effective debt management in the country.

He stated that the Ministry was eager to explore synergies between her entities and identify areas where combined expertise and mandates can create meaningful impact.

The Minister also promised to intervene on the issue of decent and affordable housing schemes for the staff of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission through Federal Mortgage Bank loans and also pledged support towards the review of the 2007 Fiscal Responsibility Act.

While speaking, the Chairman of the Fiscal Responsibility Commission, Bar Victor Muruako, gave a rundown of the achievements of the Commission since its establishment in 2007 which has led to significant improvements in revenue collection.

He commended the Minister for his previous achievements at Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, FMBN as well as his concern for decent housing for the citizens.

Source: Voice of Nigeria