Shelter Afrique, a company for habitat and housing founded in 1982 by African governments, the African Development Bank, and the African Reinsurance Corporation, will host its annual general meeting from May 7 to May 12. The event will provide a platform for industry experts, government officials, investors, and stakeholders to collaborate and discuss affordable housing solutions in Africa.

As the second-largest shareholder in Shelter Afrique after Kenya, Nigeria will play a critical role in shaping the discussions at the conference. The symposium will document and disseminate information on the provision of affordable housing in Africa, with a focus on sharing emerging lessons, knowledge, best practices, and innovations.

The conference will feature a ministerial roundtable session with Ministers of Planning Economy and Business Development, as well as investor and relations sessions as side attractions. Among the key stakeholders expected to attend are members of the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria, Mortgage Bankers Association of Nigeria, Family Homes Fund, Nigeria Mortgage Reinsurance Company, Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria, Federal Housing Authority, and the Central Bank of Nigeria.

By bringing together leading minds in the housing sector, the Shelter Afrique Annual General Meeting will offer a unique opportunity to find practical and sustainable solutions to the affordable housing crisis facing Africa. With the expertise and diverse perspectives of attendees, the event has the potential to create real change and transform the housing landscape in Africa for years to come.