etter known as Lambro Steve, Currington has been working in the mortgage industry for over 2 decades. A college dropout, he has never been one to conform to societal impositions, which led him to always strive for success in his own way.

Tired of an industry in which bankers like him were expected to behave like robots and take advantage of the little guys, Currington decided enough was enough. He founded Currington Mortgage in 2009 with the aim of truly helping those looking for their dream home. His clients know him as an experienced, hard-working, and skilled mortgage banker that still manages to be empathetic and fun.

“Dealing with mortgage bankers is something that most would-be homeowners dread. Buying a house should be a dream come true, not a logistical nightmare from start to finish,” says Currington.

This approach to his mortgaging business is the same that Currington developed and followed ever since he started selling balls to golfers when he was 12. Despite always going at 1000 mph in his business and personal life, he has always managed to safely maneuver any twists and turns life throws at him, just like he does when driving.

“It is all about balance and knowing your limits. If you are only able to operate through fast-paced efforts, you should be able to keep a close eye on the conditions and adapt quickly. If you can’t do that, adapt the intensity and speed of your efforts,” explains Currington.

It is because of these beliefs in self-regulation and everyone’s ability to succeed that Currington strives to help others make their dreams come through his philanthropic work. As an avid supporter of free enterprise and small businesses, he is part of the Bixby Metro Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Make-A-Wish Oklahoma board and as chairman of Tulsa Celebrity Fight Night.

While Currington is not afraid to be authentic in all parts of his life, it is through the YouTube channel he started in 2018 that his personality really shines. His channel has experienced rapid growth over the past 5 years, becoming one of the premiere destinations for luxury sports car fans all over the world.

His most viral video has garnered over 5.8M views and shows a confrontation that Lambro Steve and other luxury sports car owners had with the police. The video shows a cool-headed, confident, funny, and law-savvy, yet cocky Currington dealing with a situation that most luxury sports car owners are familiar with.