The real estate market in Nigeria has faced many challenges, including affordability, accessibility, and reliability. However, emerging realtors like Rachel Ushebi Okafor, founder and CEO of Geoponts Properties Ltd, are making strides in addressing these issues.

Rachel’s determination, drive, and focus have positioned Geoponts Properties Ltd as one of the fastest-rising real estate companies in Nigeria.

In a recent interview, Rachel shared her thoughts on some of the challenges facing the Nigerian real estate market, and how her team at Geoponts Properties Ltd are solving them.

“The Nigerian real estate market is plagued with problems such as the high cost of housing, a shortage of affordable housing options, and insufficient infrastructure. Many Nigerians struggle to afford decent housing, and the demand for affordable, quality homes far outstrips supply”

“Our goal at Geoponts Properties Ltd is to bridge this gap and ensure that Nigerians have access to affordable and quality housing options,” she said.

Under Rachel’s leadership, Geoponts Properties Ltd has become renowned for its innovative solutions to the Nigerian real estate market’s problems. “We are dedicated to providing affordable, yet exquisite and luxurious housing to Nigerians,” she said. “Our services include real estate investment planning, guidance, and property valuation to ensure our clients make informed decisions when acquiring properties.”

Speaking on her company’s vision and plans for the future, she said “Our vision is to be the leading real estate firm in Lagos, providing excellent and affordable real estate services for our clients”.

“We always strive to build mutual trust with our clients in order to have lasting relationships with them.”

“At Geoponts Properties Ltd, our mission is to provide unparalleled real estate services for our customers through our commitment to integrity, professionalism, and teamwork, thereby making homeownership a reality for many”, she added.

Rachel’s dedication and hard work have earned her and Geoponts Properties Ltd numerous accolades, including the Nelson Mandela Leadership Award for Excellence and being elected as a West Africa Youth Ambassador. These awards recognize her philanthropic work and her significant contributions to the real estate industry in Nigeria.The Future of Geoponts Properties Ltd

With its innovative and client-focused approach, Geoponts Properties Ltd is set to make an even greater impact on Nigeria’s real estate market. As Rachel said, “We will continue to push the boundaries and work tirelessly to ensure that affordable, quality housing is a reality for Nigerians.”

The Nigerian real estate market has faced significant challenges, but through the efforts of passionate and driven realtors like Rachel and her team at Geoponts Properties Ltd, these challenges are being properly addressed.