When the scheme of things in Nigeria’s real estate sector is being discussed, cosmopolitan real estate magnate, Dr. Dorry Afe Okojie cannot be pushed aside. Having started business early in life; one thing has remained constant for Okojie —he is a stickler for success. The Edo State-born entrepreneur believes anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. So anything he ventures into, he diligently works to turn it into gold.

Though born with a silver spoon, Okojie believes working hard for your own money is essential so he abandoned his father’s wealth and set out for his own greatness. In the course of his quest to make a name for himself, the amiable gentleman found solace in construction and later real estate where today he has become top player with several projects across the skyline of Lagos highbrow areas and those of Benin and Abuja.

Despite his loads of success in the real estate sector, Okojie still has it at the back of his mind to serve his people. Over the years, he has extended compassion and love by spending proceeds from his business to empower lots of people. That asides personally building roads, empowering youths, paying house rent, students’ tuition fees and scholarships to numerous students. After doing all these for years, Okojie feels it will be a disservice if he does not do it on a larger scale which will in turn benefit the populace in his state.

Thus as the tenure of Edo Governor, Godwin Obaseki is winding down, Okojie has thrown his hat into the ring to contest for the vacancy at Osadebe House in Benin in 2024. Like a fresh gust of summer wind, Okojie said he would be bringing into play his vast private sector experience and hope to use his wide connection to drive investment opportunities to Edo State.

Although he has not announced the party of his choice, this dynamic businessman says he is bringing new energy in tune with the yearning of the youth demography in Edo State and Nigeria.