Despite the indecisive economy occasioned by the surge in inflation and naira crunch, serial entrepreneurs in the country have continued to make headways in their businesses, leveraging various means and tools to find their niche and rise to stardom.

One such individual is Abel Egbarin. He is a real estate developer who has stolen the hearts of existing property lovers with his commendable trajectory in the real estate industry through his firm Obimzy Properties Ltd. The music business icon turned property developer boasts of developed properties nationwide, especially in Lagos.

His efforts, which have paid off, have attracted potential clients both at home and abroad, including entertainment personalities of high repute and deep pockets.

He said: “Many people want to do business with obimzy properties based on our track records.

“People that have bought properties from us still want to secure more and spread the gospel of the quality of the properties you can acquire in Obimzy properties.”

The Journey
Before he delved into the real estate business, the serial business magnate had etched his name in the hearts of bigwigs in the entertainment space in Nigeria through his music record label Obimzy records . This gave him an edge over others.

Egbarin Continued: “I am proud to say I have sold properties to many African celebrities. I am sure your favourite artistes have bought one from me. I am everywhere, and I always try to get busy. So I get involved in many activities beyond project development.”

For Egbarin, his sterling feat is thanks to his integrity and value. “Giving value, always and never stop giving value in anything you do and paying attention to every detail concerning your projects “

“Treat it as a child and nurture it properly. I go as deep as picking my bricks myself. I am that detailed.”

The challenges and victory

While it is undeniable that every business has its peculiar hiccups, the Delta-state-born real estate developer highlighted, “Completing a project is the best feeling you can have. He stated: “We have had much of that, and I am grateful. Nigeria and its systems are the major challenges, but we are making it work. We are happy the people are moving with us.”

Egbarin, who has established himself as a successful luxury property developer has leveraged social media like Instagram and Facebook to further take his message across seamlessly.

In his words: “Instagram has played a major role in the growth of my brand. I must say.” Adding that the business niche that catapulted him to the apogee is his persistence and resilience in giving value.