IBADAN – The Chief Executive Officer of Best Source Homes And Properties Ltd, Ambassador Ogunmiloye Godiva, has stated that genuine realtors are still in the business of real estate investment in Nigeria, saying that it is not all those in the business are fraudulent.

Godiva, who stated this during a press conference in Lagos noted that those who are interested in subscribing should only do so with utmost caution instead of assuming those in the business are out to scam prospective subscribers.

She added that investing in real estate is far profitable and different from other ones in terms of building and creation of wealth for present and future purposes.

Godiva said: “It is true that we have some dubious realtors and fraudulent real estate firms, but we still have a lot of genuine companies and realtors. Let me use this opportunity to say that when it comes to the business of real estate, you should always proceed with caution.

“If you decide never to invest in real estate because of the fear of being scammed, then your are really missing out. Reliable and trustworthy company like Best Source Homes and Properties Ltd is here for the people and will serve them well. We offer free real estate consultation services and we are ready to help you in your Real Estate journey.

“There was a time in Lagos State when places like Chisco, Lekki Phase one, Ikate, Ajah and few others were considered to be too far from Lagos mainland. In the early years of 2000, the aforementioned places were even considered to be a part of Ogun state by some Lagosians. These places were selling for as low as N500,000 to N1,000,000 and investors who could see beyond the mere perspective then are now enjoying the returns on their investment today.

“Lagos, as a whole, is a sought after location and real estate will always thrive here. So, no where in Lagos State is too far to invest in, most especially the fast developing areas like Epe and Ibeju Lekki.”
While saying that real estate investment is a game best played by the smart, the hardworking, and the lucky people, Godiva explained that the business is barely different from any other investment.

“The real estate market is a great way to build wealth at any stage of your life and you don’t have to be rich to start. You can start by investing in affordable estate in places like Epe and Ibeju Lekki, while you build your way to the top places like Ikoyi, Victoria Island, and the rest.

“The earlier you invest, the more you benefit because an early start gives you more returns on your investment, especially for properties located in parts of Epe and Ibeju Lekki,” she quipped.

She advised prospective subscribers to stand strong on their decision and not allow opinions of naysayers allow them elude the benefits of investing in real estate.

“When you decide to invest in a particular property that you are very much positive about, it is important that you stand strong on your decision. Listening to different opinions from your friends or family, could make you miss out on an opportunity to reap high returns on your investment, later in the future because, when you take the time to listen to someone else and their viewpoints, you are exposed to thoughts that don’t exist in your mind and perspectives you may not have considered before.

“I have seen some investors miss out on a good real estate deal simply because, a friend or family felt it wasn’t a worthy invest,” Godiva said.

Godiva, however, admonished subscribers on the need to quickly take up the opportunity of investing in Lagos Island now that the offer is still ridiculously cheap and affordable.