Architect Bernard Yisa has had four decades of lecturing and professional experience in the field.

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He recently urged Nigeria to adopt green building solutions within the construction industry and built environment.

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He said that the trend all over the world is now green, as the built industry contributes significantly to a carbon footprint that is affecting our planet.

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The current advances in green architecture apply renewable methods and emphasize natural ventilation rather than air conditioning.

This way, comfort can be offered without using electricity and adds less to the carbon footprint.

Yisa adds that skyscrapers consume a lot of power, and it would be ideal for reducing costs and saving the environment if renewable energy sources were used instead.

The same principle applies to medium-scale buildings and residential structures.

Renewables, according to Yisa, are not only sustainable, but also simpler, cheaper and cleaner.

He believes celebrating and using renewable energy sources will make Nigeria healthier, with more people having their energy needs met.

In conclusion, Yisa’s goal is to advocate nature-oriented approaches, like passive solar and natural ventilation, to increase the sustainability of built environments and cut down carbon emissions.

Therefore, it is important for Nigerian society to take action now to mitigate the effects of climate change, and Yisa hopes to play his part in making a positive difference.