A new affordable housing option has emerged for prospective homebuyers and investors in the Ajah area. Meridian Park Estate, a renowned real estate developer in the area has delivered fully-built homes at a drastically reduced price with a payment option that allows buyers to move in right away without waiting for years.

A statement by the company said the payment plan involves two options: the first is to outrightly pay the full amount while the second option requires a deposit to move in and spread the balance over 24 months while living in the property, adding that the offer provides an opportunity for investors to 0generate rental income right away.

The statement hinted that the structure comes as a relief to most Lagosians who have romanticized the idea of homeownership but ditched their efforts due to soaring home prices.

It averred that some have waited for long periods or settled to buy homes in their hometowns (mainly rural areas) where housing is less expensive, noting that it has become the way of life for those who want to a good deal without necessarily breaking the bank.

The statement further revealed that the innovative housing option is made possible through the introduction of an American-style mortgage payment system, which enables homebuyers and investors to own a home without being restrained by budget constraints.

The statement added: “According to real estate analysts, the properties in question experience an annual value appreciation of up to 30 percent, making it a viable investment option for those looking to expand their portfolio. As an added advantage, investors can start earning from day one and utilise the earning to pay up the balance.

“The hearty reviews from homeowners who now live in homes they never believed they would own speaks volumes in showing that no matter how small your budget is, you can own a home that fits all your needs in Lagos because Meridian Park Estate have gone an extra way to simplify the process of homeownership.”