A real estate firm in Ogun State, IAS Unique Homes and Property, has appealed to the state government to make the processing of title documents for properties easier. The Chief Executive Officer of IAS Unique Homes and Property, Ayobami Adelani, decried the stringent conditions for procuring official title documents in the state.

He said this during the launching of the company’s estate named “Nigeria Immigration Treasure City” in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital.

Adelani disclosed that Ogun State residents would soon begin to access luxurious building structures like those in Lagos state.

He said, “Nigeria Immigration Treasure City Ogun State Command Cooperative, Wasimi Ogun State, the motive behind this is that people say enjoyment can only be found in Lagos State. What happened to Abeokuta? We can do the same thing here, and I am sure if they see the value they would come.

“The project launch was to replicate what Lagosians enjoyed in Abeokuta considering the proximity.”

He added, “I have contributed to the economic growth of Ogun State, where I have more than 75 staff and I am paying my dues accordingly. I want people to come and patronise to see the great benefits of IAS, a company that is operated with God’s fear and we believe our dealings today will define tomorrow.

“It is true we might have challenges with our customers because of lack of understanding or with those who rose against us to destroy the company’s image but with God, we have prevailed.”