A Nigeria Tech Firm, PxpropertyHub, has called for partnership with the federal government in order to show case the efforts it is making to bridge the gap in the real estate sector.

Barr. Nonye Nwabueze, General Manager, Operations/Legal of PxpropertyHub made the remarks during the official unveiling ofthe firm’s innovative online real estate platform on Saturday in Abuja.

She said that there was a need for collaboration with the federal government to help Nigerians build long lasting wealth through Real Estate, leveraging on technology and experience.

“The Federal Ministry of Works and Housing are doing so much in this regard as they have tried to create several mortgage financing activities.

“We are there asking for partnership with this kind of parastatals to showcase what the federal government is equally doing in the sector to provide affordable housing for Nigerians as well as checkmate the activities of fraudsters in the sector.

“If what the federal government is doing is not made visible to the public, Nigerians will not be aware and be able to key in.

“So, I commend the ministry of works and housing for what they are doing to bridge the gap in the real estate sector and encourage them to do more,” she said.

She noted that the new technological-driven option by Px PropertyHub stands out, adding that it is a massive and fast-growing digital platform geared towards engaging willing buyers to their choice property across the globe.

“The platform showcases available property to everyone resident in and anywhere in the world.

“It is a global platform and we are not stopping at this. We also have what we call “Px stay” where we equally showcase hotel owners, apartments, car rentals and others.

“It is actually a listing platform for anyone who wants to buy, sell or rent genuine properties,” she said.

Chief Charles Ndudim, a beneficiary of the platform said the issue of housing must be treated as a fundamental basic right of every citizen in the country.

He said the federal government and the corporate world must collaborate to deal with the issues and challenges in the real estate sector just as it is been done in other climes.

“In other developing countries such as Nigeria, to deal with the issues of housing, we have to see it as a fundamental human basic right of every Nigerian.

“Every man under the sun needs a roof over his head, but there are economic implications and challenges in the sector as not everybody can afford it.

“However what other developing countries have done is to find ways of creating intervention programmes for the poor people especially in the rural areas.

“It empowers developers to work closely with government through proper policies and regulations that will allow developers to invest their money in the sector and know that their money will come back.

“So, government and the corporate world must come together and collaborate in such a way as what Px PropertyHub is doing to aggregate all these houses and make them visible to meet the needs of all Nigerians.

“I therefore encourage everyone to take advantage of this revolutionary platform that is making life easier like Amazon and the likes,” he said.

Also speaking, Alhaji Musa Mantu, another beneficiary of the platform, said with the property hub, he has secured affordable and reliable property in parts of the country without falling prey to scammers and illegal ownership.

Against popular view that Dubai is the destination for good property and tourism, Mantu said, “Nigeria is taking its place in the comity of Nations in terms of real estate.

“It has never been this strong in history. In Abuja for example, from City gate to the airport, the kind of real estate development going there is massive.

“Nigeria is the next global real estate destination, forget about Dubai. Come and invest in Nigeria. Nigeria is a place to live, work and do good business.

“Px PropertyHub is the number one middle man between the buyer and seller.

“I’m a direct beneficiary of it. I have also introduced my family members and friends who enjoyed what I benefited from because we rise by lifting others.

“Nigeria is not just the giant of Africa. Nigeria is leading others in many good things,” he said.

Chuka Okafor, the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the firm, stressed the need for investors to take advantage of the hassle-free and convenient platform to rent and purchase their house dream.

Okafor said that the platform can also connect holiday makers with preferred hotel and any tourist destination.

“Px PropertyHub is a modern Real Estate Platform, connecting buyers, sellers and owners with the industry’s top professionals through technology that empowers you by making all things Real Estate simple, intelligent and seamless.

“We have built our Real Estate Hub to serve as a platform that streamlines the tedious process of selling, buying, renting, managing and financing property.

“We offer our users a fresh, quick and hassle free approach to finding and buying a property specific to one’s needs and preferences.common challenges.

“Using the power of technology, we have built a platform that enables people to connect differently and provide a strong supportive network of real estate professionals that are able to find solutions to common challenges.

“We are a team of service oriented professionals, pool of agents and brokers and a network of real estate professionals in one roof,” he said.