The start of a new year offers an opportunity to reflect on the past and key into new investment that will yield an high returns and of course real estate is one of the key area to look into especially in mega city like Lagos.

Is a new year down for all real estate investors and those looking for a new affordable homes in Nigeria, a world class and glamour project in Lagos has just been launched in Lagos called ‘’Monte Carlo City’’ located in Epe, Lagos.

According to Dr. Simon Adozi, the Ceo of Adozillion homes, ‘’Monte Carlo is a city of Glitz and Glamour located in Lagos Cit, Epe. An eco friendly estate, immersed in an entirely green environment where you sit at the comfort of nature and ease the bustles and hustles of Lagos state and experience the entire world in one estate.

Monte Carlo Lagos is sandwiched in a closed proximity to advanced modern development and private corporations, including the proposed Lekki Epe International Airport, etc.

Adozillion Homes and Realty is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Lagos with the mission of building functional world-class structures you can always trust.

Facilities in this estate are carefully created and curated to surpass the needs and expectations of residents and business entities. Some of the facilities the estate features are themed building hubs, Arcade Centres, resort beach house, hotels apartments, marine bay, and many others.
It is equally equipped with top-notch round the clock smart securities, solar power energy, paved roads, treated and constant water supply, modern drainages, etc.

Dr Simon Adozi, the Chief Executive Officer of Adozillion Homes and Realty has assured that about 50% of the Monte Carlo is expected to be fully built by 2025 and urged Nigerians to take advantage and Key into this project.

He said this during the first inspection of the Monte Carlo Lagos on 13th December 2022, which had in attendance, investors, real estate enthusiasts, and key players in the sector. Whom at the end of the unveiling expressed their happiness and were happy and commended the giant strides of the Adozillion Homes and Realty.

Following our brands vision statement to be the leading real estate solution company of choice with unmatched focus on customer satisfaction, we have strategized a means of solution and satisfying our customers through setting a pre launch price of 50,000/Sqm and it is available in 150Sqm, 300Sqm, 500Sqm and 1000Sqm, that is 7.5million, 15million, 25million and 50million respectively and has its title as the Governors consent.

We are set to begin the construction of Monte Carlo in ernest very soon with lands continuously allocated to owners accordingly.

This is a big opportunity for Nigerians to become owners of property, with payment plans spread across 12 months.


Monte Carlo Lagos is a proposed cosmopolitan metropolis located in Epe Town Lagos State Nigeria.

Epe has competitively become the fastest growing neighborhood in Lagos State, this is because of the geometric rise of development that is coming into it like the newly launched proposed International Airport, Tech and Industrial cities, Entertainment Village etc. Epe has also increasingly become popular amongst land agents in Lagos State, which is commonly referred to as the next Ikoyi of Lagos state, hence undoubtedly, the best investment in Lagos State for investors with best ROI.
The area is situated next to the Ibeju Lekki axis and is approximately 67 km away from Lekki phase 1, a prime area in Lagos State. Despite the length in distance from Lekki phase 1, these two areas are connected by a major road known as the Lekki Epe expressway.

Interestingly, Monte Carlo Lagos is an answer to people who sought for a serene environment in Lagos that will keep them in Lagos, but away from the noises, hustles and bustles of the busy Lagos. That is why Adozillion homes and realty is infusing a positive energy into a bubbling city full of Lights and glamor.

The most exciting thing is that Monte Carlo gives you the experience of different cities in the world in one estate because it features themed building hubs, Arcade centers, resort beach house, hotels, apartments and marine bay etc, and it is currently selling for as low as 50,000/Sqm and available in 150Sqm, 300Sqm, 500Sqm and 1000Sqm.

Indeed, one of the best real estates in Lagos state Adozillion homes and realty has brought a paradise on earth through the development of Monte Carlo, the City of Glitz and Glamour!

At the unveiling ceremony in Lagos, the CEO of Adozillion Homes and Realty ,Dr Simon Adozi emphasized that the company is bringing the track record of timely and quality delivery recorded at the MUFASA APARTMENTS in Ikate to bear in the Monte Carlo Lagos project.
In his words, ‘ others will promise you the future but Adozillion Homes through our projects will help you experience the future now’.