Within five days of trading this week, about 1.286 billion shares were traded on the exchange floor by investors who parted with N29.634 billion for the stocks in 19,816 deals.

The value of investment recorded by the Nigerian stock market this week contrasted with the N27.154 billion exchanged for 921.856 million shares last week in 15,601 deals.

Top NGX performing sector

According to data obtained from the stock market authority, Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX), the Financial Services Industry, Industrial Goods Industry and the Conglomerates Industry, by meausre of volume, are the best performing sectors.

It was learnt that the Financial Services Industry recorded N9.728 billion, after investors exchanged 952.237 million shares in 9,647 deals during the week.

The Industrial Goods Industry reported N8.510 billion was used to trade 92.864 million shares in 1,682 deals.

The Conglomerates Industry made the list after 54.568 million shares, valued at N96.654 million, were exchanged in 754 deals.

Top three equities

At the end of trading this week, the top three equities are FBN Holdings Plc, Sterling Bank Plc, and Guaranty Trust Holding Company Plc by measure of volume.

The three companies accounted for 507.852 million shares, worth N5.707 billion, traded in 2,585 deals. This accounted for 39.50 per cent and 19.26 per cent of the total equity turnover volume and value respectively.

Top five gainers of the week

Thomas Wyatt stock gained N0.51kobo, ending the week with N1.48kobo per share, higher than the N0.7kobo it started with.

Chams Holding share rose to N0.27kobo per share, from N0.23kobo per share, gaining 17.39 per cent.

Associated Bus Company saw its stock price rise by 16 per cent, to end the week with N0.29kobo, in contrast to the opening price of N0.25kobo.

Livestock Feeds share value grew to N1.30kobo per share, appreciating by N0.17kobo, from N1.13kobo.

Mutual Benefits share closed the week with N0.32kobo per share from N0.28kobo per share, appreciating by 14.29 per cent.

Top five losers of the week

Chellarams share lost N0.68kobo, to settle at N1.34kobo, below the N2.02 it opened the week with.

Royal Exchange share lost N0.11kobo, to close at N0.91kobo per share, against the opening price of N1.02kobo per share.

Abbey Mortgage Bank also reported a loss of N0.17kobo, with the share dropping to N1.53kobo per share, from N1.70kobo per share.

NEM Insurance share decreased to N4.05 per share, losing N0.45kobo from the N4.50kobo per share it started trading with.

Cornerstone share fell from N0.60kobo to N0.55kobo per share, losing 8.33 per cent within five days.