Nigeria is one of the fastest growing economy in Africa and the world at large, hence, the crave for investment into various sectors.

One of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in Nigeria is Real Estate and it has been generating rave reviews from all walks of life.

One Nigerian that has continued to make positive impact within and out the sector is 29-year-old entrepreneur and humanist, Tochukwu Fabian Nwaora, CEO, Gianni Capital LLC,Executive Director EFAB Properties,First Generation Mortgage Bank, Top Rank hotel chain and EFAB Petroleum.

The change maker from Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria, is a Business Management Professional and a marketing expert with over 7 years of experience in real estate development and hospitality management.

His love affair with real estate started while he was an undergraduate at the university, where he was opportune to have accommodations on and off campus.

According to him, “I started off with subletting my accommodation that was situated off campus because I was hardly ever there and I ended up earning some real cash over time. It was during that period that I realised the enormous potential that lies in real estate. My academic journey and the fact that my family is well into the real estate business made my journey into the world of real estate a smooth one,” he said.

Nwaora who said he enjoys all aspects of real estate from the pre-development stage to the construction stage, from the post development stage to the selling/marketing stages believes that before someone can be hired as an estate agent or broker, certain factors must come into play.
“I think the justification for hiring a real estate agent/broker depends on the needs and goals of the seller or buyer as the case may be. Real estate agents/brokers are adept at navigating the real estate market better than anyone else. They usually have extensive market knowledge, professional networks, negotiating skills, and can save time and energy. For instance, a seller/buyer that needs to buy/sell a particular number of units within a short time line and at a set price would most likely need an estate agent because of the skills that I have mentioned.

Also, for well-structured real estate organisations, the recruitment of estate agents plays an important role in ensuring that the objective of the organizations is achieved,” added.

Though the nature of the job at Gianni Capital is project based. He revealed that their entire system of working is centered around robust and realistic project plans for real estate projects that thy undertake. “With an effective project and administrative management system, we can ensure that at any point in time, the tasks performed are in line with the goals of the project.” He explained.

The young and energetic entrepreneur, Tochukwu Fabian said though he’s actually a real estate developer, he has acted as an agent a few times. ” I would say in addition to the qualities I mentioned earlier, I think my biggest quality is the fact that I have tremendous foresight that enables me identify potential real estate opportunities,” he concluded.