LEKKI, LAGOS / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2022 / Finn Grey Projects is a fully serviced real estate company with a vision to provide premium housing at a bargain to the end that same is within the purview of the average home buyer.

Finn Grey Projects has emerged as a real estate company that offers affordable luxury homes. With it’s newest project, the company brings to the market a new concept of living by providing luxurious but pocket friendly homes comprising of:

5 units of 3-bedroom terrace duplexes

10 units of 2-bedroom terrace duplexes

1 unit of fully detached 4 bedroom duplex.

These homes (which are laden with a plethora of top-of-the-line luxurious features such as Wall hung suspended toilet seats, Floating staircases with sensor lights, Fully fitted kitchens with heat extractors, microwaves, ovens and cookers, Bluetooth speakers, Modern POP ceiling designs all in serene environments) had been conceived and built with the hope and expectation that the clients are satisfied, and the housing crisis in this region can be ameliorated.

As a core value, the company believes that shelter is a basic human need alongside food, water, and clothing. It is a biological necessity that is critical for human survival and general well-being. Without shelter, people become vulnerable to violence, exploitation, and by extension, existential stability. The people might also find it hard to access things like employment, healthcare, and education, limiting the opportunities they can access in society. Despite this, an estimated 150 million people are homeless globally.

The current housing deficit stands at 1.6 billion, a whopping 20% of the global population without adequate housing. In Nigeria for instance The International Human Rights Commission, (IHRC) recently lamented Nigeria’s growing number of homeless people, saying the country’s housing deficit stands at about 28 million units at the moment. Left to continue, an increase in this number will inflate the risk of physical and mental stress. It will also increase society’s risk of socioeconomic vulnerabilities, and this prospect is disturbing; reality of which is one of the motivating factors fueling Finn Grey Project as a company to continually seek ways to assuage this menace in its own little way.

About Finn Grey Projects:

Finn Grey Projects is one of the fastest growing real estate companies in Lagos, Nigeria. The company’s primary objective is to consistently anticipate market trends to deliver high-quality premium residential homes at affordable prices. It provides services in building construction, project management, building renovation, procurement, and commercial brokerage.