Nigerians and Africans have waved the era of ostentatious living, and the consciousness about securing financial freedom and independence is growing. However, while there are different investment platforms offering services, Osborn Nweze Global Investment offers the biggest growth on investment and returns, and provides clients with the rare opportunity to choose viable sectors of the economy they wish to invest in.

The Osborn Nweze Global Investment is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), at 84, Aguinyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, with the vision of building a world-class investment firm of African origin. It provides if not the biggest Return on Investment (RoI) in Africa.

Led by its CEO Osborn Nweze,
Osborn Nweze Global Investment is helping clients to a robust investment lifestyle, as well as advisory on available investment portfolios, which covers critical aspects of the economy, such as agriculture, real estate and commodity trading, offered in different layers of payment to suit pocket size.

According to Osborn Nweze, Osborn “Nweze Global Investment has provision for investment in burgeoning start-ups”, pointing out that, ” the investments are laid out in numerous packages, to enable clients pick areas of investment that interest them. Real Estate, and Agriculture, as well as the technology-driven sectors are a gold mine”.

He added that, “the policies of Osborn Nweze Global Investment are “formulated by a versatile board that are translated into action by an Executive Management team comprising high-flying and accomplished professionals”, propelled by the company’s mission, which is to deliver value for our clients and establish ourselves as the foremost investment firm on the continent”.

The company’s investments offers are: The investment packages are: ‘Package Bronze’ with a minimum of N3.5million and maximum of N10million investment. ‘Package Gold’ has a minimum of N10million and N50million maximum investment offer, while the ‘Package Diamond’ provides an opportunity of minimum N50million and maximum N100million investment rate. ‘Package Four Platinum’ consists of N100million minimum and more than N100million rate.

“We also have a fund called the Osborn Nweze Catalytic Fund that is investing directly in startups across the continent, through this fund we are investing in businesses that are solving Africa’s biggest challenges and generating returns”, Osborn Nweze Global Investment wrote on the company’s website.

Clients, which include persons, families, organisations, are guaranteed a minimum of 20 per cent Return on Investment (RoI), as long as the terms and conditions are adhered to and investors do not divest.

“We work with individuals, families, and institutions with interests in Investing in Africa and provide tailored solutions for their needs. Our team consists of seasoned professionals with vast experience in asset management, financial technology, organisational strategy, and human resources management,” the company stated.

Headed by its visionary chief executive, Osborn Nweze, Osborne Nweze Global Investment comprises seasoned professionals with vast experience in asset management, financial technology, organisational strategy, and human resources management.

Osborn Nweze, who is passionate about the development of Africa and its resources, holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey and master’s in finance and Investment Management from the University of Aberdeen. He has experience managing for-profit and profit organisations across the country.