Former Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has said Nigerians should rather embrace the re-energize of the cashless policy by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) considering its ingenuity to the nation’s economy.

Although Sanusi pointed out that the present management of the apex bank is only enforcing what he initiated 12 years ago when he was the Governor, he declared that full enforcement would no doubt restore sanity to the nation’s financial sector.

In a short video released on social media on Sunday, the 14th emir of Kano disclosed that the policy among other benefits would hinder selfish politicians from deploying their financial muscles to rig next year’s election.

The Khalifa Tijjaniya Movement of Nigeria while reminded that it is expected that political elites would reject the financial instrument of the CBN because of self-motivated interest, he insisted that poor masses have no reason to worry about the policy.

“I would advise Nigerians to exercise restraint against the CBN policy and should be cautious of political gimmicks on the policy. There is no doubt, our politicians are the major casualties of this policy because they have money already stuck to share with people during the campaign.

“They give out money to security agencies, electoral umpire INEC and political thugs to buy drugs and dangerous weapons to stop people from exercising their franchise during elections. Now with the enforcement of CBN policy, politicians would have to go through a monitored channel even if they would cash money to pay all their agents.

” The policy, would not only curtail all the atrocities during elections, but it will also enhance and promote economic growth and sanitize the political atmosphere. Hence, Nigerians need to rather celebrate this policy to exist era of money bags where the highest bidder takes it all”.

Sanusi who faulted the criticism by some groups over the policy reminded that the political elites who might be instigating the agitation had left the poor masses in abject poverty in the last eight years. He noted that the elites were simply interested in the policy because it would cripple their ways to rig the elections.

According to him, ” People should be cautious against any move by the politicians to use them against the policy because the same politicians never see to their welfare despite the economic hardship raving the country.

” They have left the masses living in penury for eight years without agitation but have deemed it fit to mobilize people to kick against the policy because the election is around the corner. Therefore, people should rather embrace the new policy because of the benefits to the national economy”, Sansui explained.