Mr. Bonaventure Igboanugo is the founder and chairman of Rocbilim Nigeria Limited. The real estate and startup investments organisation was established in 2015 to make homes accessible and cost-effective for the typical Nigerian.

Bonaventure claimed that there were two reasons why he entered the real estate industry. One, it is a significant investment location worth trillions of naira, and more importantly, it is one of the investments that frequently appreciate, especially in light of the unsteady economic situation in the nation.

Second, he has always had a passion to help people live in beautiful houses at affordable rates, along with the zeal to help train people on how to market and create a sustainable source of income for themselves.

To him, “according to data from the real estate market, the appreciation rate is between 3.5 and 3.8 per cent annually. Considering the adage that ‘everyone needs a home in the world,’ the investment prospects are so diverse that there is something for everyone.

“As you advance in the field, you can also expand your portfolio with the knowledge that real estate property value appreciation is the most common way to make money in the industry. So I can tell you that Nigerian real estate is lucrative.”


Bonaventure thinks that the high cost of construction and land purchase is one of the biggest problems practitioners face in real estate industry.

Advice for young entrepreneurs

While charging the young and upcoming entrepreneurs to be efficient in their day-to-day tasks, to excel, he pointed out that, “maintain your organisation as a young person, never stop learning new skills for your line of work, try to rediscover what you already know, and lastly, make time for yourself because you’re much more likely to lead a balanced life when you protect and “sharpen” your most valuable asset—you!

“Additionally, living a balanced life can help you succeed in both your personal and professional endeavors in the future.”


Bonaventure Ignoanugo is a prominent entrepreneur, investor, and financial adviser with vast experience exploring diverse business opportunities and investing in fast-growing businesses. Having struggled like some young and aspiring persons after his secondary school days, he joined a couple of network marketing companies, where he got trained in network marketing and customer service relations both in and outside the country.

He currently holds a BSc in Biology Education from the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and a Master’s in public health from the University of Alabama, USA (in view). He belongs to many groups, including the Rotary Club, and has greatly empowered so many youths in one way or another.