One of Nigeria’s leading real estate development companies, Buy Lekki Now Now Realty on the 3rd of December launched two new luxury yet affordable estates for low and medium income earners. The launched estates, Fadaka City and Flora City are both luxury estates with touches of nature.

Fadaka City is an eco-friendly city with zero carbon emission. Its in an environment that gives it inhabitants the opportunity to experience nature and total wellness without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, Flora City is a peaceful abode that affords it residents the opportunity to experience a combination of nature and modern technology. It is both a residential and commercial hub with infrastructures such as Tech Hub, 6G Network (in view) etc.

Unveiling the novel initiative, Tobi King CEO of Buy Lekki Now Now Realty said: “The need to make land ownership affordable and available to the masses necessitated the launch of these estates.. Also our estates are great instruments for land banking”.

Sharing her thoughts on the Nigerian real estate sector, the COO of Buy Lekki Now Now, Usen Maureen Okpoebo said: “The Nigerian real estate sector is gradually picking up with massive prospect for growth. Currently Lagos is yet to meet 50% of it’s housing needs despite massive private sector participation due to high cost of building materials.One in every two persons in Lagos lives in shanties or squatting with friends and families. This housing deficit is what birth our vision for affordable housing”.

The highlight of the launch amongst others were the captivating speeches by the CEO and COO of Buy Lekki Now Now Realty. There were quiz sessions with lots of cash prize won.

Afterwards the group of over hundred realtors moved to Flora City through a boat cruise where they toured the entire Ibon community within the Lekki Peninsula.