Mr. Hassan had been living abroad for over two decades. When he made some money, he felt the need to have the property back home. Then, he talked about it with his brother. For one year, Mr. Hassan sent a lot of money to his brother based on the agreement that he would build a duplex.

After a year, Mr. Hassan came back home only to discover that his brother built a miniature bungalow with just two bedrooms that could hardly contain anyone. You could imagine the disappointment. What did the brother do with the money? Your guess is as good as mine.

Doctor Martins trusted his siblings to help him handle his properties unknown to him that there was no property anywhere. He was devastated to a point that he swore never to have anything to do with them for the rest of his life.

Madam Bimbo sent millions home to help her buy a few structured properties because she wanted to come back here to settle. As if she suspected something, one day, she came home unannounced. That was how she discovered that nothing concerning property was bought. Her family spent the money on themselves. Despite reporting to the police, nothing was done.

At one point, she was threatened with diabolism and she had to find a way to run back to the UK before they succeeded in killing her. She made up her mind never to come to Nigeria again or invest here for any reason.

It is understandable when people decide not to see Nigeria as a place where they can trust anyone when it comes to property investment.

Nigerians in the diaspora have so much to say, bitter experiences that give them heartache each time they remember. So, if they decide not to do property business, it’s understandable. However, some people are still able to buy properties here from genuine people. You may wonder what exactly they have done right.

Sometimes, it is advisable to do the job yourself even if the realtor was introduced to you. Don’t take any chances by leaving out or ignoring details. Be proactive and deliberate about where your money goes.


1. Make sure the person is traceable and has a digital footprint you can refer to

How do you ensure this? Type the realtor’s name on google and Facebook and you get all the facts you need. If the realtor is truly what he/she claims, then, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the person and get to know further information about them without them being aware, thanks to technology.

2. Take your time

I understand the excitement and sugar rush that comes with buying property. In this case, take your time and pay attention to details and not just send money. If number one is fulfilled, that is, if it’s someone with a good track record, then, take your time to see if you are either making a mistake or heading toward the right decision.

3. Ask questions and pay attention to the response

When you meet a realtor, that is the best time to ask as many questions as you want. A genuine realtor will not be tired of answering all questions to clear your doubts. And no matter how much fraudulent people try to hide, they don’t like being doubted.

Some even get upset to put up a show. Please don’t be moved. Ensure that all questions have answers with appropriate responses. Don’t disregard any questionable utterances.

4. Don’t assume

In everything you do in your journey toward property investment/acquisition, don’t assume for the realtor. If you don’t get an answer for something, ensure you have the detailed information and are well-understood.

5. Clear your doubts first

Whatever doubts you have must be properly addressed. How do you do this? Ensure that you have done an absolute background check and personal research and there’s no stone left unturned.

6. Be sure of his consistency

You can know this through social media. This is not the time anyone can say that they don’t like social media. The world has gone global and businesses thrive up to 70% on social media. So, someone telling you that they don’t have any footprint on social media is trying to hide something.

Even the less educated people are taking advantage as well.

You can know much about a realtor’s consistency by visiting their social media pages to see their activities.

7. Get a lawyer

This is the most important. Even if the realtor was referred to you, please don’t skip the part of the lawyer that would help verify before taking the next step.


A trustworthy realtor has a digital footprint, for example, active social media pages, and some even have authored books, sent newsletters, and published articles on news platforms.

2. He/she is not in a hurry to conclude business with you

3. He /she is consistent but not pressuring

4. He/she can conveniently show you verifiable testimonials

5. A trustworthy realtor will give you options and tell you the truth about the prospects of each property available. It is now left to you to decide.

6. He/she is plain and well-detailed to the point of clearing all doubts you may have initially.

In recent times, knowing a real, competent, and reliable realtor is easy. Meanwhile, this article is not trying to dissuade you from trusting your family members, however, some things are meant to be done through the right channel to avoid stories that touch.