TotalEnergies has donated $1.5Million to victims of flooding in communities in Rivers State, as part of efforts aimed at ameliorating the agony of their host communities.

Egi and Ekpeye communities – host to the company’s facilities in its OML 58 concession, were badly affected by the natural disaster. Nine communities were impacted in Egiland and 90 villages in the Ekpeye kingdom. The affected communities in Egi are Akabuka; Oboburu; Idu; Obagi; Ogbogu; Ohali-Elu; Obite; Obigbor and Ede.

In response, the company established a crisis management response team to alleviate the impact of the scourge on affected communities.
Part of the interventionist measures was the provision of relief materials and logistic assistance to assuage the sufferings of the people with the provision of medical assistance and daily feeding of the victims in the four Internal Displaced Peoples (IDP) camps set up by the Egi Peoples Assembly.

Some of the measures put in place, according to the company, include evacuation of over 5,000 people from flooded areas; daily feeding of 2,700 IDPs in four camps; provision of 165 life jackets for rescuers and victims; hiring of 25 canoes to help in ferrying trapped victims and two outboard boats to also ferry trapped flood victims; hiring of four trucks to move victims to IDP camps; a stand-by medical and industrial hygiene team for the IDP camps; and provision of mobile toilets and evacuation trucks for the four IDP camps, among others.

TotalEnergies Deputy Managing Director, JV Asset, Mr. Guillaume Dulout, who sympathised with the communities over the huge losses, said: “We are here to stand with our people in Egi and Ekpeye.

TotalEnergies is not just a responsible company but a responsive corporate citizen and committed member of the two kingdoms. That is why anything that affects our hosts, affects us too.”

Aside from the interventions, the company has developed five key areas of action as part of the post-flood intervention programme. These areas include treatment and rehabilitation of water facilities to curb the issues of cholera and other diseases; restoration of electricity occasioned by the destruction of electric poles and other facilities; provision of mass free health campaign; and rehabilitation of some roads for the free movement of people and goods.

TotalEnergies is also providing enhanced cassava and yam seedlings to farmers for cultivation to help forestall widespread hunger in the affected communities.

“It is our hope that this gesture will ameliorate the current hardships faced by the victims of the flooding in our communities. We wish to reassure you of our commitment to partnering with our key stakeholders in bringing the desired development to our host communities,” Dolout said.